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01 Sep

As the parents of the students who are aspiring to study in foreign universities, you must have been a worried person. Even if the finance is not your painful nerve, the reports of dodgy foreign universities and how they are ruining the careers of youngsters are enough to force you spend sleepless nights. Some would say that one must keep the aspiration of studying in a foreign university separate from the service providers (like the educational institutes or the overseas education consultants) as in the case of the church and the state. Well, we do not agree to this.

Expecting an Ideal Behavior is Not Wrong

It is true that we cannot expect an ideal behavior from the service providers. However, one should stop not before getting hold of the best service provider. Hence, the features of the best service provider should be kept in mind so that you could easily recognize the best.

The Features of Best Overseas Education Counsellors in Bangladesh

1. An Ideal Mentor: Your son or daughter might have received extraordinary marks in the higher secondary examination. It is not a guarantee of success in the foreign university admission process. The best among the rest education counsellors in India would play the role of an ideal mentor and pave the way of success.
2. Guiding In The Admission Process: You would wonder to know the fact that every year many brilliant students could not make it to the list of successful students admitted in foreign universities because they did not have the exact know-how of how to fill up the admission forms, properly. It is the responsibility of the overseas education consultants to guide the students and help them fill the forms correctly.
3. A Neutral Opinion Giver: Unlike the unreliable consultancies, the best overseas counsellors would offer a neutral opinion to you, not giving in to the temptation of suggesting you a university where the cost of education is higher than the rest. The dodgy consultancies would suggest you an educational institute where the cost of tuition fee is more than the rest. Such shady consultancies earn high mark up.
4. The Pool Of Knowledge: Compare the knowledge pool of the counsellor with yours. It will be your duty to gather information on foreign universities and the rules made for the foreign students. Only then you will be able to compare the extent of knowledge of the education consultancy.
5. Guide In Facing The Interview Round: Mock interview rounds help a lot to prepare the students who want to pursue education in foreign universities. There are overseas education counsellors in Bangladesh who regularly set up mock interview rounds.
6. Weigh The Suggestions: You should measure the tips offered by them. Sometimes it is better to take admissions in multiple colleges so that even when one of them happened to be a fraudulent one, your son/daughter may take admission in the other.
Better to gather more information and select the best overseas education consultancy.

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