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MBBS in Bangladesh


A Brief History of Medical Education / MBBS in Bangladesh

Dhaka Medical College (DMC) is the first medical college in Bangladesh which was established in 10th July 1946. DMC’s original building was built before the petition of Bengla of 1905. As of 1904, the building was being used as the secretariat of the newly formed provinces of East Bengal and Assam in 1921. It was turned over the University of Dhaka, which was founded that year. After beginning of the journey DMC established a new era in the history of medical education in Bangladesh. Presently, 37 government medical colleges and 66 Private medical colleges offering MBBS course to both local and international students. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is a once-in-a lifetime experience for International students.


Regulatory authorities of Medical Education in Bangladesh

 All of the medical colleges in Bangladesh are affiliated by universities. Among the seven (07) universities; 04 are Government University and 03 are Private University. Professional Examination conducted by the respective University. Guide lines and norms set by the Ministry of Health & family Welfare & Government of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Medical & Dental council (BM&DC) is the regulatory authority. All medical college must be registered in BM&DC. Ministry of Health and BM&DC strictly following the activities of Medical Colleges.


MBBS in Bangladesh at Government Medical Colleges under SAARC Quota & Non- SAARC Quota

SAARC Quota – Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh provides 92 seats (104 MBBS seats & 13 BDS seats) for eligible students from SAARC countries. For those seats selection will be done on the basis of merit.

Government Medical Seat Distribution among SAARC Countries

22 seats21 seats19 seats13 seats06 seats03 seats20 seats


Non-SAARC Quota – 72 MBBS seats in allotted among different Government Medical Colleges of Bangladesh under Non- SAARC Quota for students from Non-SAARC countries. Students have to pay USD 5000 per year; selection is on the basis of merit.

CountriesPalestineMyanmarOther Countries
MBBS18 seats05 seats49 seats


MBBS in Bangladesh at top Private Medical Colleges of Bangladesh under SAARC  and non-SAARC Quota

Foreign students can study MBBS in Bangladesh uder SAARC Quota and Non-SAARC Quota. Eligible foreign students will get direct admission at self-funded MBBS course at internationally recognized reputed Medical Colleges in Bangladesh; which are affiliated with Government Univisities and recognized by MCI, NMC, WHO. Top Ten (10) Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh.


Statistics of International students studying MBBS in Bangladesh
Session No. Of Students from
India Nepal Srilanka Maldives Malaysia Iran Other
Total54823170911 217+188+295+191
10,454 students

Source: (Primary data – 28/12/2017) DG Health Office, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Reasons for Studying MBBS in Bangladesh
Reasons for Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Reasons for Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

The Government of Bangladesh is committed to upgrade the entire medical system of the country including the education department. As such, the Government has encouraged capable private authorities to set up multiple private colleges alongside its own endeavors. Till 1990, there were mostly public institutions for teaching MBBS and MS, however, the next decade witnessed a significant increase in the number of medical colleges after the entry of the private corporate houses who developed high-end study centers for the aspiring doctors. Many years have passed till then and at present, the Bangladeshi medical colleges could compete with any renowned institutes worldwide.

Popularity among Indian & Nepalese Students: Compared to other countries in the Asian sub-continent, Bangladeshi medical universities are popular amidst Indian& Nepalese students. There are multiple reasons which back up this fondness. Let us take a glance at them in the following lines-

✅ Quality Education at affordable cost in Internationally recognized Medical College

✅ No IELTS / TOEFL / Entrance Exam Required

✅ Direct Admission for Eligible student & Easy visa

✅ English mainly as the Language of Instruction. All Indian Books and Journals followed. Modern Medical Equipment, Lab and IT facility.

✅ MBBS Admission in Government Medical College (FREE SEATS) under SAARC and Non-SAARC Quota

✅ No Donation required for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

✅ Bangladesh is Asia’s most densely populated country. There is enough flow of patients for clinical studies.

✅ Internship facility after study. Foreign students are usually get paid by medical colleges in Bangladesh during their Internship period.

✅ High standard of living at low cost and Separate Hostel for boys and girls. Culture, Food habits, Language (English, Bengali, Hindi)

✅ Multi-cultural Learning Environment. Safe and friendly environment with moderate climate.

✅ Most of the Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are approved by MCI Act 1956 in India and NMC in Nepal and recognized by WHO.

✅ Bangladesh is Dry Country – Alcohol or any Drug consumption is illegal (Best Safest Place for Students Studying outside country)

✅ About 8000 Foreign students currently studying MBBS, BDS, MD in Bangladesh where Indian and Nepalese are majority.

✅ Bangladesh is emerging as hub for Medical education. Study MBBS in Bangladesh is a once-in-a lifetime experience.

Why study MBBS in Bangladesh through Bangladesh Study Center?

Bangladesh Study Center
Bangladesh Study Center

All prospective medical aspirant wants to pursue higher studies from an reputed institute abroad. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is prestigious as well as advantageous. Bangladesh Study Center (BDSC) is one of the best Medical Education consultants based in Dhaka, Bangladesh; who is a Reliable and Authorized Admission Representative for Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh for enrollment of foreign Medical Aspirants especially from India and Nepal including others. Bangladesh Study Center  was established in 2010. We mainly do MBBS Admission in the reputed private medical colleges affiliated with Government Universities located in different cities of Bangladesh including Dhaka.

Choose Bangladesh Study Center as your admission consultant, because we are a Dhaka Bangladesh based medical education consultancy which offers direct MBBS  Admission in Bangladesh. We provide admission in all reputed Medical colleges of Bangladesh. So we will be able to guide you which is the best Medical College in Bangladesh for you according to your Academic qualification, Financial ability, Preferred location. We do admission in the best Low fees MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh which have good infrastructure and international recognition. You can take admission at your preferred medical college in Bangladesh through us. We have better connections with College Administration and Management. So if you have any kind of problem while studying in Bangladesh, we can help you better and will pay immediate attention to your complaint individually which is not possible for a consultancy which operates from outside Bangladesh.

NEET qualification is mandatory for Indian students willing to study MBBS in Overseas including Bangladesh.  To Study MBBS in Bangladesh, 2020-2021 session medical aspirants must Qualify NEET-UG 2020. Medical Council of India makes it mandatory to get MCI Eligibility within five years of medical study duration. MCI Eligibility Requirement for taking admission in an Undergraduate (UG) Medical Degree in a Bangladesh Medical College which is affiliated with any of a Bangladeshi Government Universities .

Aspiring medical students from Nepal must pass any of the recognized medical entrance exams in Nepal and get NOC from Nepal Medical Council to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Students from other countries must follow their home country regulations before pursuing an MBBS program abroad and do the needful. If you are looking for MBBS admission in Bangladesh; you are in the right place. For Latest updates and inside Information and to start Admission Formalities to study MBBS in Bangladesh feel free to Contact Us.