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13 Jul

Studying MBBS is a dream career aspiration for the parents and students in Asian Countries. From the standard SSC/SSE/o Level/10th itself, the students make a decision about their career destination. What is however disheartening is the fact that every year, a large gap remains between the number of students appearing for the exams and those not making it to the list of the successful candidates. Gradually, people are accepting the idea of studying abroad. So, are there any benefits of studying MBBS abroad or is this just a hype? Let us check out.

The BenefitsIn addition, the medical college should be enlisted on WHO’s International Directory of Medical Schools.

  1. At present, the government of Bangladesh/India/Nepal has made it mandatory to get hold of the Eligibility Certificate/NOC. This is the proof for BM&DC/NMC/MCI eligibility.
  2. When the student returns back to home country, he/she has to sit for the screening test by respective medical council to acquire the rights of practice in home country. The good thing is that there is no restriction on how many times a candidate could sit for the exam. The candidate can sit for the exam, twice in a year.
  3. The expense of studying MBBS in a foreign medical college is sometimes much lower than what you need to pay in your home country. In addition, no capitation fee is required to get admission in a college.
  4. Learning opportunity obtained from the quality faculty members is probably the best reward for the international students. Top foreign medical colleges appoint faculty members who have long years of teaching experience at prestigious medical colleges around the world.
  5. The foreign medical colleges provide high-precision medical equipment in the laboratories.
  6. The updated syllabus is based on latest outcomes of the research works done in the field of medical science. The curriculum is more inclined towards practical learning.
  7. The cost of living in the countries like China, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Ukraine, Georgia is quite within the reach of people living in Bangladesh.
  8. Most of the medical colleges provide residential facilities to the foreign students. The food and lodging cost is not exorbitant.
  9. The food habits of the countries like Bangladesh and Nepal are similar to Indians. Many reputed medical colleges in abroad have Indian canteens also catering to the requirements of our students.

The study abroad consultants in Bangladesh have reported a sharp rise in the number of Bangladeshi students getting admission in foreign medical universities. As to seek the reasons, the above-mentioned list of benefits does not leave a doubt in us.

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